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Ronit Mulla

Mulla Productions Established In 1998 By Ronit Mulla, One Of The Pioneer Woman Producers In Israel, With 45 Years Of Experience, Producing Feature Films, Documentaries, Tv Series And Mainly Commercials For The Past 25 Years

The Company Specialized In Commercials And Corporate Movies Productions In Israel And Around The World.
We Offer Our Clients Cost-effective Solutions That Strategically Align With Their Creative Treatments.

We Have Highly Experienced Production Teams And Long-standing Industry Relationships With Crew And Support Facilities Which Assure All Our Clients Of The Highest Level Of Service Available In Israel

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we provide the most experienced creative production services in Israel and beyond

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As a tiny state, you can cover Israel from south to north in less than 8 hours by car, and from east to west in 3 hours. You can go from the desert view to the urban view in no time. It doesn't take days to move between locations and despite its size, Israel's sceneries are extremely diverse. 

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The Cast

Israel is an immigrants country. Therefore, the range of different looks is enormous. From Europeans to Brazilians, from Americans to Asians, we have them all! Kids in Israel can be photograph all year long, and on every week day, starting at the age of one year old. There are different regulations for every age.

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HaTa'asiya 8 Tel Aviv, Israel
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Yosi Benhamu

executive producer

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Ori Sedlinsky

executive producer

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